Napoleon is a browser extension for Google Chrome, which presents unbiased content on the same webpage through a pop-up whenever a user queries a specific phrase.

Napoleon Demo

How it Works

A user reads “State of the Union” on a news article, but doesn’t fully understand the term. Instead of taking the time to open up a new tab, search for the term, and sift through all the links, the user just highlights “State of the Union,” right-clicks, and selects the option “Search on Napoleon.”

The user will then get a window that pops up on the screen, presenting two Wikipedia articles on the State of the Union, two educational videos on the State of the Union, and two relevant stories per Google News Feed.

If the user is utilizing the paid version, their features will show up underneath the YouTube videos, Wikipedia articles, and Google News Feed stories. These premium features will be determined at a later date.


Cannonball aims to create a social media network surrounding the various applications of wearable technology.

Integration with Wearable Technology

Technology in the "wearable" category is exploding and Cannonball plans to incorporate such technology into its new social network. Users will be able to track their route and time during such exercises as running, biking, hiking, and swimming. The users will

then be able to look at a history of their routes and corresponding times as well as upload this information to Cannonball's social network. Users are then able to compete with their friends by attempting to complete the same route in a lesser time.

This network hopes to encourage fitness with friendly competition and incentives such as virtual trophies.

Cannonball UI


Bloodhound hopes to employ a communal method for reuniting people with their lost loved ones.

Bloodhound is in the beginning stages of securing a partnership with Qualcomm Incorporated. We hope to create an app which uses their hardware in order to help locate lost people. Qualcomm devices will be donated to nursing homes in order to be secured to the clothing of people who are prone to go missing. These may include those with severe dementia, Alzheimer's, ect.

In the meantime, smartphone users will download Bloodhound to appease their sense of social awareness. If a lost person with the Qualcomm device wanders within a certain distance of a phone with the installed app, the user of that phone will be notified and prompted to alert the proper authorities. This sort of communal tracking system would help to find lost people much more efficiently.

The idea behind Bloodhound was prompted due to a concern for missing elderly, but this concept could easily be applied more widespread. Pet owners, for example, could attach the Qualcomm device to their cat's and dog's collars in order to find them if they become lost. College students would find use in this device to recover bicycles stolen from campus. The possibilities are endless.

Space Salvage

Space Salvage is an Android-based game.

This Android-based game presents itself as a fun, challenging maze in which you, the astronaut, must get from one end of your spaceship to the other. The ship has been damaged, so you must be careful of debris and other obstacles on your way through the course.

Space Salvage Load Page
Space Salvage Demo


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